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Grass Cutting

Hanging Baskets


Haxey Parish Allotment Association
Westwoodside Playing Fields Association

Local News – Haxey Parish Residents will be aware that the Parish Council took over the responsibility as Sole Trustee of the Westwoodside Playing Fields Association (WPFA) Charity in 2013 and the major improvements carried out over the last couple of years to the Foreman Carter Centre and the outdoor facilities funded by grants from North Lincolnshire Council and WPFA finances.  As part of the ongoing improvement plans, the next project is to upgrade the flooring in the Centre Function Room to a high quality wooden floor.  Local Contractors have been asked to quote for the replacement and will be used for any work carried out.  A new wooden floor will much improve the experience of the facility for all Centre users and will also enable the room to be kept clean more easily.  To help with the project, the Charity has been selected to receive funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund.  The Fund has begun raising money and this will be distributed in March 2017, which means that the Association will receive a contribution towards the floor replacement, but we need your help. The more support we get, the more funding we could receive.  So if you’re a Co-op Member log in to your Co-op Membership account and choose us.  If you’re not a member, please join and support us through the Coop Website.

Parish Land
Haxey Parish Cemetery
Neighbourhood Watch


This group operates within a small area of Westwoodside covering residents in Akeferry Road, Doncaster Road, Nethergate, Sandbeds Lane, Thinholm Lane and Holm Road.

It has been quite powerful in bringing residents concerns to the attention of the North Lincolnshire Council and the local police.

Axholme Bridleways Association

A BRIDLEWAY IS NOT JUST FOR HORSES, it is a multi-user track for walkers, dog walkers, runners, cyclists, horse riders.

Axholme Bridleways Association was founded in 2012 in response to the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 which states that rights of way already in existence on 1 January 1949, but not shown on the definitive map and statement by 1 January 2026, will be extinguished. The Association’s aim is to ensure that the Council’s definitive maps are up-to-date and accurate by the 2026 deadline enabling existing routes to be preserved and others upgraded/created where possible. 

If you are passionate about walking, riding, cycling or running in our local countryside, then join us!  There’s influence in numbers and your membership will make all the difference. An annual subscription of £5 per year brings you regular updates, plus fab ‘vouchers off’ for local businesses (under 18s membership is just £1 a year). 



Haxey Planning Group meet the Monday prior to a Parish Council meeting to discuss the monthly applications and to make recommendation for the Full Council to consider at the Parish Council meeting.


The East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire Local Councils Association, known as ERNLLCA, is an independent body which supports parish and town councils in the North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. There is an equivalent organisation for each “shire county” area or equivalent in the country and all of these bodies, which are known as County Associations, join together as members of the National Association of Local Councils, or as it is more commonly known, NALC.

ERNLLCA is funded wholly by its members and does not receive any support from any of Principal Authorities or from the Government and exists purely for the benefit of its member parish and town councils. It works closely with Principal Authorities, Government Departments, Professional Bodies, Government Agencies and the Voluntary Sector to promote and support the work of member councils.

ERNLLCA operates a bottom-up approach to its governance. All member councils have the opportunity to meet once a quarter through a system of District Committees. Each council may send any number of representatives to these meetings but only two may vote. Each District Committee elects representatives to serve on ERNLLCA’s Executive Committee and the Executive Committee elects a delegate to the meetings of the National Association of Local Councils. Cllr David Knowles is Haxey Parish Council’s District Committee Representative and is also a member of the Executive Committee.

ERNLLCA’s website can be viewed at www.ernllca.org.uk

AGM 2016


Humberside Police – Isle of Axholme Area

Inspector – Tim Harvey

Sergeant – Dave Burton

PC – Jane Proud

Community Support Officer – Susan Fahy, Stewart Pearson and Sarah Lister

Epworth police station is open:

Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 3pm

Police surgery – Haxey library:

First Monday in the month 3pm – 4pm

You are welcome to call and talk to officers at Epworth and Haxey on subjects effect parish policing.

St Nicholas Closed Churchyard
Haxey Parish Charities


Haxey Parish Combined Charity has 9 Trustees, all with local knowledge or interests.  The Charity is registered with the Charity Commission.

Main Objectives of the Charity

Valentines Gift

Any person, who has resided in the Parish for two years or more, wishing to be considered for a Valentines gift please apply in writing to the Secretary. Applications are considered by the Trustees at the Annual General Meeting held shortly before Valentine’s Day.

Tools of the Trade

The Trustees of the Haxey Parish Combined Charity can offer to young people from tools_of_the_tradethe Parish, who are setting up or learning a trade, either by an apprenticeship, further or university education, a bursary to help offset some of the costs in purchasing their Tools of the Trade.

Hospital Visiting

The Trustees also make contribution towards fuel, or travelling expenses incurred by relatives and friends while visiting people, from the Parish, who are having a stay in hospital or respite care in a hospice or hospital.hospital_visiting

Anyone wishing to know more about the Charity or interested in applying for assistance, who lives in the Parish of Haxey, please contact the Secretary:

Mrs. Amanda Hather, Levels Farmhouse, Doncaster Road, Westwoodside DN9 2EJ.

Telephone 01427 753887

or email charities.amandahather@outlook.com.


Haxey Endowed School Estate is a registered charity with the Charity Commission and has 11 Trustees, all with local knowledge or interests.

Main objective of the Charity

The Charity was formed with the aim to assist in the education and help for the children of the Parish.

SchoolYearly grants to the two local Schools and the youth organisations are made.

Being Church of England Schools, children educated in the two Schools are presented with Bibles.  In year 2 the children receive a Children’s Bible and those children leaving the Primary Schools at year 6 receive a Rainbow Good News Bible at the annual School Leavers’ Thanksgiving Service.

Secretary Contact Details:

Mrs. Amanda Hather, Levels Farmhouse, Doncaster Road, Westwoodside DN9 2EJ.

Telephone 01427 753887books

or email charities.amandahather@outlook.com.

Westwoodside Water Tower
Dr Dyson's Haxey
War Memorial Haxey
Geenhill Haxey