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Coronavirus Information


Supporting and empowering communities

It’s been inspiring to see how communities across North Lincolnshire have come together to support one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a council, we want to look at what we can do to support and empower communities as we look beyond the pandemic.

North Lincolnshire Council have appointed a company called ‘Social’ to support with communications activity over the next year. This work will build on the Council’s approach to community empowerment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As key individuals within the community, we would really like to hear your views so that we can make sure our approach  will work for local people. In particular, we would like to get your views on how we can develop your role as a “Community Champion” and networks with other community champions. We also want to understand how you feel about the network including what you would like us to do more of, keep doing and do less to promote this vital community network.

There are various ways we would like to involve you:

Focus groups/1-2-1 interviews

  • Social are keen to meet with a cross-section of Community Champions to hold interviews and understand more about Champions and their views on the network and how the programme can be improved.

Champions survey

  • A survey will be created which is sent electronically to Champions, encouraging their feedback. This survey will ask questions similar to that of the focus groups, generating vital feedback.

Raising awareness

  • Social are happy to attend a Champions meeting to talk further about the work and help to generate awareness.

Next steps

  • If you are interested to meet with Social virtually to discuss the network please:

Get in touch

  • The Champions survey will be sent out in the coming weeks, so please take part and encourage others to do so as well.
  • The Council and Social will aim to join a future meeting to discuss further and answer and questions you may have. But in the meantime, feel free to contact us directly.

Contact us

Please contact us at communicationsteam@northlincs.gov.uk with any questions or feedback or at www.northlincs.gov.uk 



COVID protect advice document Jan 2021

Local Assistance Information October 2020

Doncaster Community Hub

Covid-19 Fact Sheet



Coronavirus update bulletin from Haxey Parish Council


Meet the Council

Chairperson: Cllr Dave Knowles

Vice-Chairperson: Cllr Helen Condliff

Councillors: Cllr Mark Bond, Cllr Pauline Booth, Cllr Mick Carlile, Cllr Helen Condliff, Cllr George Fiddler, Cllr Trevor Foreman, Cllr David Harris,  Cllr Alan Holgate, Cllr David Knowles, Cllr Chris Layton, Cllr Carol Lindley, Cllr James Orton, Cllr Mark Parkin, Cllr John Smedley & Cllr Ian Thorpe

Clerk to the Parish Council Ms. Deb Hotson

Westwoodside Playing Field Association

STOP PRESS – Important Information for Residents

Isle of Axholme Food Share Project

North Lincolnshire Household Support Fund is now open for applications. The purpose of the scheme is to help North Lincolnshire residents who are most in need this winter. It is aimed at individuals, families and other households who are struggling to buy food or pay for energy or utility bills. It can also be used for other essential household costs in exceptional circumstances. The scheme is open until the end of March 2022. The link below will take you to the relevant information/application form:





I work for Risk & Policy Analysts, an environmental consultancy based in Norfolk.  We are carrying out a study for the Environment Agency on resilience to flooding.  As part of this study, we are currently collecting views and opinions and are interested in questions such as:

  • Are property owners and occupiers aware of Property Flood Resilience measures?
  • Do property owners and occupiers have any measures installed (e.g. flood doors)?
  • Are there any issues that are hindering owners and occupiers from taking up Property Flood Resilience?

We are using an internet-based survey to collect opinions on Property Flood Resilience from owners and occupiers.  The survey can be accessed here:


We kindly ask you to pass this invitation on to property owners and occupiers in your area, so that we can find out what they think about Property Flood Resilience.

We ran a similar survey last year.  The results from this year’s survey will be used to see if there have been any changes in attitudes and behaviours over time.

If you would like any further details on the survey and how the data collected will be used, please do get in touch.  A letter from the Environment Agency confirming the instruction to undertake a survey can be found on RPA’s website (https://rpaltd.co.uk/propertyfloodresiliencesurvey).

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Daly

Walking your Way to Health Aug 21

The Duke William Hotel

The Parish Council have received a letter from NLC as nominator of the Duke William Hotel as an Asset of Community Value of the owners intention to sell.

There is an interim moratorium period of 6 weeks, during which an eligible ‘community interest group’ can submit a written request to be treated as a potential bidder for the property and this commences from 14/06-25/07.  If North Lincolnshire Council receive a request then the next stage commences, if no such offer then the owner can sell the property.

The full moratorium period of 6 months is triggered if a valid written request is received and will give the community group time to assemble a bid and if successful complete the purchase.  The owner is not obliged to sell to the community group.  The full moratorium period, if triggered, will end on 13/12.

Local Government Boundary Commission for England Consultation Portal (lgbce.org.uk)

Say no to fraud campaign www.saynotofraud.uk

Message from Inspector Craig Leitch


  • What – Outbuilding burglaries including stables, barns and containers. High value items including pedal cycles, quad bikes and tools are being taken, including ride-on mowers and mini diggers.
  • Where – Locations are spread across all of N. Lincs, but all premises are all close to easily accessible main roads – (Including M180 near to Brigg + Belton / also A161 near to Graizelound and Haxey have been targeted)
  • When – offences are mostly occurring overnight.
  • How – entry is gained most often via doors, either attacking locks or prising or forcing entry.

Request for people that have such property to review their security – make sure their CCTV cameras / security lights are clean and in good working order. Anyone who sees suspicious activity to report immediately.


Come join Epworth Rotary Club

A161 – Resurfacing Works  

  • Please be advised that North Lincolnshire Council are planning on carrying out major resurfacing works to the A161 between Graizelound and Crowle Gyratory. 
  • The intention is to resurface five rural sections of the A161, locations are shown on the drawing, works are currently planned to start 1 March 2021 and last approx. five weeks.
  • Works will be carried out overnight, traffic will be controlled using temp traffic signals and due to the narrow road widths all traffic will be escorted through the works by a convoy vehicle at 10mph. 
  •  Advance warning signs will be erected shortly before commencement of the works. 
  • All residents/occupiers/businesses within the extents of the works will be able to access their properties and access for emergency vehicles will be maintained but there will inevitably be some delays and disruption, your patience and understanding will be much appreciated. 

A161 Locations Sht 1 of 2 A161 Locations Sht 2 of 2


Fraud Prevention Poster

Fostering Poster Nov 20

Bus Stop High Street Haxey Consultation letter 091120

Haxey – Church Street-Bus Stop

Haxey Parish Land to Rent – Langholme Lane – the renting of the land has been deferred for 3 months

Proposed bus shelter, High Street, Haxey – Haxey bus shelter

Click on the link below to access photos of the unveiling of the Owston Ferry Memorial




Call blocker how to apply install infographic 2020

Call blocker partner and LA social media pack 2








SBS North Lincs Volunteer Poster – Alzheimer’s Society

Crime Prevention Advice
Over the past few weeks we have had a number of burglaries reported to us across the Isle of Axholme.

Detective Inspector Vicky Huyton says, “We are investigating all these offences but we are also asking for residents to be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious activity. We want to catch those responsible and prevent further burglaries. Many of the burglaries have been committed while home-owners are on holiday.

“The devastation left behind has a significant impact on the home-owner, impacting on their lives and livelihood. We want to remind residents of some crime prevention advice in the hope that we can keep more people’s property safe.”

There is some specific advice about how to keep your home safe while you are on holiday here: https://www.humberside.police.uk/protect-your-home

Some specific advice about securing your home is here:

Protect your home:
Make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked – even when you are at home.
Make sure nothing of value is left on show.
Think about fitting a burglar alarm and security lighting – both to your home and outbuildings. It may be expensive, but they are very effective deterrents and can bring down your insurance costs.

Protect your sheds, garages and gardens:
Make sure sheds and garages have good quality lock and hinges.
Consider fitting deterrents in the garden like movement sensitive floodlights
Garden tools, DIY equipment and leisure items such as fishing and golf equipment should be locked away in storage cupboards within outbuildings
Motorbike and pedal cycles should also be locked even when they are in a shed or garage.

Protect your vehicles:
Keep your vehicle locked whenever you leave it
Park your car in a well-lit area
If you have a garage use it to keep your car out of sight – make sure your car is locked – even in the garage
Never hang keys on the inside of a door and don’t leave keys on show or in an obvious place. Hide house and car keys within the house somewhere safe.
Lock garden and drive gates if you have them
Consider buying a CCTV system or video door bell.

We want to hear from anyone who has information about people involved in burglaries and thefts, you can give information by calling us on 101.

If you don’t want to speak to the police then you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. You can give information anonymously and you could claim a reward.

For more advice about home and car security go to our website: https://www.humberside.police.uk/information-advice


Residents will be aware of the traffic and parking problems currently being experienced through Haxey main street and the proposal that the Parish Council has produced (church street restrictions document below), in consultation with North Lincolnshire Council (NLC). The proposal has been published widely and Residents directly involved have had the plans delivered to their houses. There have already been several responses to the proposal so far and the intention is for the Parish Council to formally discuss the issue at its February meeting. The consultation period will remain open until 14 Feb 20 when the Parish Council Working Group and NLC will meet to collate the responses with the aim of providing a recommendation for a way forward to the full Parish Council.Residents are encouraged to continue to provide comments and feedback on the proposal, which is on the Parish Council website, by whatever means to the Clerk by 14 February.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Council Tax Precept Consultation 2020

Environment Agency Water Abstraction update

Meeting Dates 2019/20

Church Street proposed restrictions

Haxey Parish Council Disclaimer

Arrow Publication – December 2019




About the Haxey Parish Council

There are 15 Haxey Parish Council Councillors, who are elected representatives.

Currently, there are 4 Councillors from Westwoodside, 8 from Haxey, 2 from East Lound and 1 from Graizelound.

Councillors are not paid and receive no income, so all work done on our Resident’s behalf is completely voluntary.

The Council normally meets on the last Tuesday in each month and there are 12 planned meetings per year.

We deal with large numbers of planning applications and from time to time this may necessitate extra meetings.

At the start of Council meetings 15 minutes is set aside for public participation.

 For information on the May 2019 Elections – http://www.ernllca.info

Local Representation on Other Committees

Parish Councillors also attend other meetings with organisations such as the Isle of Axholme Drainage Board, Haxey Combined Charity, Haxey Endowed School Estates, Local Neighbourhood Watch meetings and North Lincolnshire Council meetings with Town and Parish Councils.

The Parish Council is the Sole Trustee of Westwodside Playing Fields Association (WPFA) and is responsible for the running of the facilities through the WPFA Management Committee (WPFAMC). 

The Council is also represented on Haxey and Westwoodside Village Hall Committees, Haxey Playing Field Committee, St. Nicholas Parochial Church Council (PCC)  with regard to the Closed Churchyard, the Isle of Axholme Physically Handicapped Society, Epworth Police Authority Neighbourhood Panel, Axholme South Neighbourhood Action Team, the Joint Advisory Committee for the Turbary Land, the East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Councils Association (ERNLLCA), the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and the Isle of Axholme/Hatfield Chase Project.

The Council
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