Welcome Haxey Parish Council Website

Welcome to the Haxey Parish, this website will provide exciting information about forthcoming and past events and will also give an insightful look into what Haxey Parish has to offer.

Westwoodside Duck Pond Inside Haxey Church Haxey Memorial Statue Haxey Methodist Church


About the Haxey Parish Council

There are 15 Haxey Parish Council Councillors, who are elected representatives. Currently, there are 10 from Westwoodside and 5 from Haxey. Councillors are not paid and receive no income, so all work done on our Resident’s behalf is completely voluntary. The Council normally meets on the last Tuesday in each month and there are 12 planned meetings per year. We deal with large numbers of planning applications and from time to time this may necessitate extra meetings. At the start of Council meetings 15 minutes is set aside for public participation.

Local Representation on Other Committees

Parish Councillors also attend other meetings with organisations such as the Isle of Axholme Drainage Board, Local Neighbourhood Watch meetings and North Lincolnshire Council meetings with Town and Parish Councils.

The Parish Council is also represented on Haxey and Westwoodside Village Hall Committees, Haxey and Westwoodside Playing Field Committees, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), St. Nicholas Parochial Church Council (PCC) Closed Churchyard only, the Isle of Axholme Physically Handicapped Society, Epworth Police Authority Neighbourhood Panel, Axholme South Neighbourhood Action Team, the Joint Advisory Committee for the Turbary Land and the East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Councils Association (ERNLLCA).

Cllr Dave Knowles
Cllr John Smedley

Cllr Stan Boor, Cllr Carol Lindley, Cllr Pauline Booth, Cllr David Harris, Cllr Mick Carlile, Cllr George Fiddler, Cllr Ron Allcock, Cllr Paul Cooke, Cllr Liz Morris, Cllr James Orton, Cllr John Smedley, Cllr Trevor Foreman, Cllr Nev Whitehead, Cllr Don Lange

Clerk to the Parish Council
Ms. Deb Hotson